Good Shepherd Community Church
Good Shepherd Church has annual events throughout the year. Check the website for updates. (Click image for more details)
GSC HUGE Annual (Indoor) Garage Sale
YEE – HAW!!   GET  READY  FOR  STAMPEDE !! annual Stampede Breakfast 2nd Sunday of July
Easter Sunday Sonrise Service at Nose Hill Park (630-ish AM) Hot   Church Breakfast to Follow  
last Saturday of April or 1st Saturday of May
9 AM - 200 PM
Christmas Eve Candle Light Service 5 PM &  7 PM A      traditional      candle light     service     is     held every December 24th
Proceeds   from   the   garage sale    go    towards    church outreach programs
Annual Craft Fair
2nd Saturday in November 9 AM - 330 PM Local   artisans   come   to   display   their   home made     crafts     and     foods     for     anyone     to purchase.    Proceeds    from    the    craft    tables and     cafe     go     towards     church     outreach programs.
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