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A Moravian Denomination Christian Church Serving The Community In Northwest Calgary
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What is the Moravian Church?  The Moravian Church is a mainline Protestant denomination with more than five hundred years of history.  Founded before the Lutheran, Presbyterian, or Methodist churches; Moravians have long focused on  faithful living and Christian unity.  Rather than concentrating on divisive doctrines, the Moravian Church preaches the basics of the faith,  which all Christians share in common. Moravians are encouraged to live out their faith through service to  those in need. Our mission work has concentrated on the poor and the powerless, and groups largely  unreached by other denominations.  The Moravian Church was organized in 1457 by the followers of the martyr John Hus, as the Unity of  Brethren. The denomination came to be known as the "Moravian" Church many years later, in the  Eighteenth Century, because most of its members came from the province of Moravia, now the Czech  Republic. The Moravian Church has often stood at the forefront of the Protestant world. The denomination  was among the first to publish the Bible in the common language, and the first to print common language  hymnals. They were early in their emphasis on educating women as well as men; and they were pioneers  of the Protestant mission movement. Moravians have worked for Christian unity throughout their history,  and are founding members of the World Council of Churches and the National Council of Churches. 
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