Good Shepherd Community Church
Bible Study
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Good   Shepherd   Church   distributes   hampers   on   behalf   of   the   Calgary   Interfaith   Food   Bank    to   clients   in need. For more details or to arrange a hamper pick-up, call their hamper request line at 403 - 253 - 2055.
Calgary Interfaith Food Bank Depot
Shepherd’s Group
Our   congregation   is   full   of   loving,   caring   people   who   help   and   care   for   each   other   every   day.   The   Shepherd Group   was   formed   to   add   to   what   people   are   already   doing.   We   are   attempting   to   make   our   outreach   and communication   just   a   little   more   intentional   and   organized.   Each   Shepherd   has   a   number   of   congregation members   with   whom   they   try   to   keep   in   touch   on   a   fairly   regular   basis,   sometimes   just   to   chat,   sometimes   to   pass on   information   about   events   happing   in   the   church.   The   group   is   chaired   by   Shirley   Klockow .   Please   contact   her with any questions, concerns, or comments.
Prayer Tree Chain
There   is   a   dedicated   group   at   Good   Shepherd   members   that   pray   for   the   concerns   of   members   and   friends. To   make   a   request,   call   the   Prayer   Line   at   403-272-2494   or   speak   to   Pastor   Rick   or   Prayer   Tree   Coordinator, Joan Altenhof. All requests are confidential.
The   GSC   Book   CLub   meets   every   4th   Wednesday   morning   at   10:30   AM       in   the   Fellowship Room. Contact Ethel Campbell .
Book Club
The   Bible   Study   (when   offered)    is   usually   held      Friday   afternoons      at      1:00   PM   except       for    the    third        Friday   of   each   month   when   the   Senior   Social   Fellowship   is   held.   Bring   a   friend!    Contact    Pastor   Rick .