Good Shepherd Community Church
Joanne Dyck
Administration and Rentals
Mondays through Thursdays:      8:30—11:00 AM 403-274-4888 During the summer, please make an appointment
Joanne works part-time in the church office. She is a full-time mom of four children.  Please make an appointment with her if you need to rent any part of the church or if you have questions about the events in the church.
6311 Norfolk Dr NW (1 block east of 14th St & 64th Av NW)
Judy Buzogany
Music & Choir Director
Judy has an extensive background in music, from teaching youth singers to being an opera Mezzo Soprano, and everything in between. She has degrees and diplomas from Del Mar College and Corpus Christi State University, Corpus Christi, Texas; & University of Calgary.   
Pastor    Rick    Beck    has    been    in ministry     since     1986     when     he graduated          from          Moravian Theological          Seminary          in Pennsylvania.    Pastor    Rick    has served     Moravian     churches     in Alberta   (Canadian   District)   as   well as        in        Pennsylvania        and Wisconsin   (Eastern   and   Western Districts      of      North      American Moravian     Churches).     In     2016 Pastor   Rick   celebrated   30   years of   ministry   with   13   years   at   Good Shepherd. He will retire in August
Pastor Rick often incorporates storytelling into his sermons, plays guitar, sings and writes. His most recent ministry focus has been on spiritual direction. The Pastor’s Line is 403-274-2494
Pastor Rick’s Monthly Message
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