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Foster Child
Rajpur   Foster   Parents   Project   –   5   families   plus   our   congregation   support   students   in   Rajpur   India .    Our monthly Birthday Box  contributions help to support our congregational foster child, Ashish Singh We   all   like   to   celebrate   birthdays.   At   Good   Shepherd   we   celebrate   birthdays   a   little   differently.   On   the   last Sunday   service   of   the   month   the   congregation   is   asked   who   has   had   a   birthday   that   month.   These   people come   to   the   front   of   the   church;   say   their   name,   their   day   of   birth,   and   where   they   were   born.   In   this   way we   get   to   know   each   other.   More   importantly,   instead   of   getting   a   present,   the   birthday   people   give   money to thank God for being born and these funds go to our foster child in India. Ashish, is the student we are sponsoring at the Moravian Institute in Rajpur. He was born in Shimla, India.    He   has   a   twin   brother   and   an   older   sister.   The   children   and   their   mother   live   at   their   grandparents home   as   their   father   is   not   around.   Their   mother   is   working   as   a   “daily   wage   labourer”   which   doesn’t provide for the needs of the children.   We feel blessed to be a blessing to this family!
The Moravian Institute was established in 1963 and was founded by Br Eliyah Phunthsog whilst he was undertaking the revision of the New Testament in Tibetan for the Bible Society of India in Dehra Dun district. During this time he met a number of Tibetan refugees who had just fled from their homeland across the Himalayas. What blossomed over the years was a work involving a school, a hostel and a vocational training program.