Good Shepherd Community Church
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During the mid 1890’s when Calgary was still a frontier town a group of Russian-German farmers wanted to have their own church in the German language. A Lutheran connection was originally sought yet did not work out. Upon hearing that a German Moravian church had been established in the Edmonton area they asked to have a congregation set up in Calgary. In 1902 Bishop Clement Hoyler agreed to a church charter for the Calgary Moravian Church to be established in the area of 6 Ave and 3 Rd St SE (the police garage today). When the Calgary Stampede began in 1912 the parade went past the church. With a growing congregation the church expanded to Bridgeland building a large brick structure in 1914. During the 1950s and two wars involving Germany and waning membership the church switched properties with the St. Mark’s Lutheran Church down the street. Christ Moravian Church began in southeast Calgary during the 1960s. It’s the daughter church of Bridgeland. The Bridgeland congregation continued on yet still had a dwindling congregation. In 1977 after the 75th Anniversary the Bridgeland church decided in a live or die decision to relocate to Huntington Hills in Northwest Calgary. Then Pastor Alan Taylor lead the congregation to its present location in 1979.
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