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What can you expect when you come to Good Shepherd Church?
A Moravian Denomination Christian Church Serving The Community In Northwest Calgary
Good   Shepherd   Church   has   been   in   Calgary   since 1902.    We    have    music    that    includes    a    mix    of hymns,    choruses    and    instruments.    We    offer    a practical     approach     to     life     that     emphasizes Christian   faith,   hope,   and   love,   encouraging   a   rich, full life in faith.
A warm reception A friendly, intimate atmosphere A sense of belonging Spiritual integrity Worship that will carry you through the week An opportunity to learn, serve and grow A    church    family    rooted    in    history    while    living    in    the present   where   unity   is   cherished,   diversity   is   celebrated and love is life
Community Events  
Mission Statement Good Shepherd Community Church:

A Family of Faith Where God Loves,

Christ Heals and People Serve.

   move clocks back Nov. 5th GSC   Annual   Craft   Fair Saturday Nov. 18th
Welcome to Good Shepherd Community Church in Calgary (Moravian). A congregation caring for our community!
Pastor    Rick    Beck    has    30    years    of ministry experience. His   monthly   message   is   informative and insightful. A weekly audio sermon is available.