Good Shepherd Community Church
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The Good Shepherd Executive Board approved donating mission funds to Adopt-A- Village in Tanzania: Udongo. The cost is $1000 per year. For details of the project go to:
Every   Lenten   season   Good   Shepherd   works   toward   the   Moravian   Unity   Prayer      Day,   which   is   March   1st. This   is   observed   as   the   birthday   of   the   Moravian   Church   officially   known   as   Unitas   Fratrum    (United Brethren)   in   1457   and   referred   to   as   Unity   Prayer   Day.   Good   Shepherd   uses   special   Lenten   offering envelopes   during   Lent   will   collect   funds   for   this   special   day.   For   2019   the   unity   offering   will   be   for   the Assam   stae   in   India.   Funds   will   be   used   for   a   permanent   Church   and   facilities   that   will   enable   the   new congregation to focus on their mission to reach out, provide education and enrich the community. 
Star Mountain Rehabilitation Center Most people are not aware of the work the Moravian Church does in the Middle East. Star Mountain was originally a leper home and has developed into a first class facility for people with and without disabilities.
The Moravian Board of World MIssion is active around the world from huricanes & earthquakes to drinking water & schools