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A Moravian Denomination Christian Church Serving The Community In Northwest Calgary
Good Shepherd Church has various rooms that can be rented by outside groups, and are wheelchair accessible. Please contact the church office for more information.
The Sanctuary is available for weddings, funerals, seminars and appropriate concerts or worship services with seating capacity for up to 180 people.
Multi-purpose / Gym
The room is approximately 78 x 42 .  It can be used for sports (with basketball hoops at each end)  or for social functions (with a maximum  seating of 200 people).  There is a portable stage which can also  be used as part of the room.
Fellowship Room
At   the   front   of   the   church,   there   is   a large    open    room    with    sofa,    chairs and    tables    that    can    accommodate between    50-60    people.    It    is    often used   for   social   gatherings,   including the food bank.
The     kitchen     on the     main     floor, beside    the    Gym can   only    be   used with     gym     event   rental.
Boardroom  & Classroom
The   second   floor   board   room   can   hold   up   to 30   people,   has   whiteboards   and   a   circular table   that   can   seat   8   people.   It   is   often   used for meetings of medium sized groups.
A    small    classroom     also    located    upstairs    is suitable for groups up to 20 people.
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