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South Africa
Every Lenten season Good Shepherd works toward the Moravian Unity Prayer  Day, which is March 1st. This is observed as the birthday of the Moravian Church officially known as Unitas Fratrum (United Brethren) in 1457 and referred to as Unity Prayer Day. Good Shepherd uses special Lenten offering envelopes during Lent will collect funds for this special day. For 2015 the unity offering will be for South Africa and is twofold; Sunday schools and AIDS.
Sunday School are organized into local camps, if they have funding. There is no teacher training and the churches cover a wide area. Making it difficult to each all 12 districts and 4200 students.
MASANGANE MORAVIAN AIDS PROGRAM. The second part of the unity day funds is to reach out to South African people with HIV/AIDS. Mobilising the Moravian church to make a sustainable, positive contribution and to the reduction of the number of new HIV infections and to engage in education. The programme will be based on community outreach. It will involve caring for HIV/AIDS infected and affected persons and families. This programme will also care for orphans and the vulnerable.
The Moravian Church has been involved in South Africa since 1737. In 2015 the church directory listed 42,000 members, 67 pastors, 87 congregations and 176 outstations.                                        Click here for more details
South Africa