Good Shepherd Community Church
Worship includes: • Praise songs with guitar accompaniment • Traditional hymns accompanied by digital piano • A variety of special music - singing or instruments • A Scripture-based message for today’s society • Coffee & dessert fellowship following the Service
Communion “Do this in remembrance of me” Communion   is   served   on   the   first   Sunday   of   the   month    and   on   special   occasions.   Good   Shepherd Church   practices   Open   Communion ”   -   all   believers   of   Jesus   Christ   are   welcome   to   take   part;   church membership   is   not   required .   If   you   wish   to   receive   communion   please   rise   or   come   forward   when   the elements   are   served.   Children   are   welcome   to   participate   provided   they   understand   the   meaning   of   the service. This is left to the discretion of the parents and in conversation with the pastor.
Sundays Worship - 10:00 AM 6311 Norfolk Drive NW,
1. Where have I experienced God today? 2. How have I expressed God today? 3. How have I failed to express God today? 4. In what way will I need God’s help tomorrow?
Daily Examine Prayer To deepen your awareness of God in your life, take time at the end of the day to consider the following: The gifts of God’s Spirit are the sign of God’s presence
We   offer   a   practical   approach to      life      that      emphasizes Christian   faith,   hope   and   love encouraging   a   rich,   full   life   in faith.
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